Stocking Island Atlantic Side

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Although it takes some effort to reach this beach it's well worth it! Chances are you'll have much of it to yourself and the shell collecting is some of the best around. Also, you can see stromatolites, formations created by cyanobacteria, bacteria and single-celled algeas that are up to 3 billion years old! They're a unique feature of this beach, and form a barrier between the surf and sand.

There are three ways to access the Atlantic side of Stocking Island, all of which require a water taxi which can be found at the Government Dock in George Town and costs $15.00/person to get to the Chat'n'Chill or $20/person for other desintations around the harbor. Make sure to ask the operator for a ticket with the number of people you've paid for so that you won't have to pay for a return ride from the Chat'n'Chill later in the day.

  • From the Chat'n'Chill, follow the Ocean Beach Path to the East. You'll have to cross a narrow section of water so this is best done around low tide.
  • Have a water taxi drop you at the Ocean Beach Path.
  • Have a water taxi drop you at Hamburger Beach and take an obvious path to the Beacon at the top of the hill where you can enjoy expansive views of the area. From there it's a quick walk down to the Atlantic side. Either arrange for a pick-up at a predetermined time back at Hamburger Beach or walk South to the Ocean Beach Path, which is easy to find, and make your way back to the Chat'n'Chill.

The government dock is 7 km from Hummingbird House and takes around 12 minutes to drive to. There's ample parking along the West side of the dock and in a fenced area on your right as you enter.